Dirty Sally’s is a furniture upcycling business in the Boston area, locating in Abington Massachusetts.  We are a husband and wife team collectively using our talents to bring new life to old furniture. Erik has over 20 years in home improvement and painting businesses. After owning his own successful painting business for interior and exterior work, he was ready to take his talent to furniture to be more creative. His wife Kellyn is also an entrepreneur that owns a hair salon and brings her creative vision of colors, patterns, and design to Dirty Sally’s.


Named after Kellyn’s mamaw, Dirty Sally, was brought to life with both Kellyn and Erik’s vision. They don’t judge the ugly furniture, they see the beauty in what they can create with it! All pieces are hand sanded, painted, stained, sealed, distressed and more all with a lot of love. Kellyn and Erik pour their love of creative and uniqueness  into each piece while Erik’s perfectionism makes each piece so beautiful you’ll want to take each one home!


Upcycling has many environmental benefits: it reduces waste, keeps garbage out of overflowing landfills, and minimizes resource consumption used to create new products. We love giving old, used furniture a face lift and making it beautiful again. Finding a deal and hunting for the right pieces that we can give a new life is part of the fun. We pay attention to the little details that make the piece unique. Not every piece of furniture will look brand new, we hope you find love in the imperfections like we do.